I. General Regulations

1. Scope of Application
This code of conduct applies to all locations and production sites of the company.

2. Laws, Standards and Ethic Behaviour
The company complies with the applicable laws and standards of the countries in which it is operating. It is based on the generally valid ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, honesty and human dignity.

3. Business Partner, Authorities and Consumers
The company practices in accordance with generally accepted business practices of fairness and honesty. It maintains a trusting relationship with authorities. Consumer protection standards are observed.

4. Business Secrets
Business secrets of business partners are treated confidentially by the company and its employees. A disclosure of confidential information to third parties or the public disclosure is prohibited. This applies to employees even after termination of employment.

II. Cartel Law and Competition Regulations

1. Cartel Law
The company is committed to fair competition. Competition protective laws, in particular cartel law and other competition-regulating laws are observed.
Inadmissible agreements on prices or other conditions, sales areas or customers as well as abuse of market power are contrary to the principles of the company.

2. Bribery, Corruptibility and Corruption
The company rejects bribery and corruption and does not tolerate these behaviors.
Employees must ensure that no personal dependencies or obligations to customers or suppliers arise. Esp. employees may not accept or make gifts which presume at prudential point of view that they can influence business decisions.
If in a country gifts of custom and courtesy correspond, it should be noted that this does not create binding dependencies and complies with the standards of federal state laws.
Violations are generally punishable by labor law actions.

III.  Global Guidelines

1. Human Rights
The internationally recognized human rights  are explicitly and sustainably supported.
Even in the case of disciplinary measures, all employees should be treated with dignity and respect. Such action may only be taken in accordance with applicable national and international standards and internationally recognized human rights .

2. Child Labour
Child labour and all forms of exploitation of children and adolescents are rejected. The corresponding laws are observed.

3. Compulsory Labour
All forms of compulsory labour, bonded labour, serfdom and slave labour or slavery, as well as similar conditions, are rejected. Employees must not be forced to work either directly or indirectly by violence or intimidation.

4. Payment, Employment Rights
All employees should receive a fair salary for a full-time job which is at least sufficient to meet the basic needs. The salary must be paid out in a practical manner (cash, check, bank transfer) and a salary statement to an appropriate extent. The right of employees to freedom of association, freedom of association and collective bargaining, insofar as this is legally permissible and possible in the respective country, is respected.

5. Labour Time
Working hours comply with applicable national law, the industry standard or the relevant ILO conventions. Extra work must apply on a voluntary base.

6. Health and Labour Protection
The national and international regulations for ensuring health and safety at the work-place are observed. Appropriate systems should be set up to avoid risks to health and safety.

7. Environmental Protection
The company respects the goals of sustainable environmental protection. Environ-mentally friendly production methods are sought in this context. In accordance with the principles of the Rio Declaration of the United Nations , the company is managing natural resources with responsibility.

IV. Ethical and Social Principles

1. Non-discrimination
The company rejects discrimination during hiring or employment, including discrimi-nation based on race, ethnic or national origin, skin color, gender, mental or physical disability, age, creed, affiliation with a workers' organization or other personal charac-teristics.

2. Harassment
The company disapproves of physical, psychological or sexual violence.

3. Freedom of Opinion
The right to freedom of opinion and of expression is guaranteed.

4. Privacy
The privacy is respected.

V. Compliance with Code of Conduct

The company submits for its employees attention, this code of conduct in an appropriate manner and at specified intervals. The company ensures its compliance.